Wet Northwest

This weekend I made a trip down south to Eugene to visit my family. I was able to take a stroll around the Eugene Country Club to get a feel for my new world. True to form in Oregon it was raining so I didn’t get to see as much of the course as I had planned. This may be harder than I think to learn golf in the northwest during fall, clearly I need to find a great rain suit. However, during the spots of sun I was able to walk around the course, talk to some of the golfers, and take a few pictures. I ran into Don Essig (University of Oregon announcer) and he gave me the advice that I just needed to stick with golfing and I will fall in love with it. This advice may be easier said than done seeing as how I haven’t swung a golf club yet. Walking around in my new environment was my first step in my quest to discover the world of golf.

Listening to the golfers answer my questions I realized there are quite a few golfing terms that I need to learn. I will be making a list of those terms and compile them as my learners guide to the language.

Observing people play I understand I have a lot to learn and this is only the beginning.

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