Bring On The Rain

Rain or shine a true golf nut will not deviate from plans due to weather. In the Northwest every golfer understands that they should always be prepared for rain. In preparing for the rain it’s important to always have a few staple items. I polled a few golfers to see what the most necessary pieces of equipment and accessories are to have on the course.
Golf Towel:
A crucial accessory to have for cleaning off clubs and golf balls. They suggest packing several towels if you know it’s going to be a particularly rainy day.
Rain Gear:
Most golfers/people generally hate it when their clothes are soaking wet. It’s important to have not only a rain jacket but also some rain pants on hand just in case.
If it’s more than a mist it’s crucial to have an umbrella. Some golf bags come with an umbrella holder so you don’t have to worry about packing this.  If not I would suggest a large umbrella that can cover both you and your precious clubs.
If it’s just a drizzle then a hat will do the trick allowing a golfer to see down the fairway.
Extra gloves:
These are key if you want to be able to grip your club when it’s pouring down rain. The extra pair is for when your first pair of gloves get soaked (which will probably happen). I wouldn’t want to be out on the course not able to play just because my gloves were wet.
Club Protection:
Cover the top of your golf bag (duh) many golf bags have rain covers that come standard. If you don’t have a rain cover, try and use the aforementioned umbrella to keep them dry.

The last bit of advice they gave me was to not get discouraged; rain will change your game. On average you should expect to add at least one stroke per hole. Another tip is that a wet green equals a slow green, meaning your ball will not roll like normal. Go back to the fundamentals and be attentive.

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