If I Talk Like A Golfer, Look Like A Golfer and Act Like A Golfer ?

A Guide To Golf’s Dialect

With the help of a few golf friends and the World Wide Web I created a list of golf terms, slang and jargon. Some were more obvious than others but I tried to put them all into perspective. It’s a golfing dictionary beginners:
General Golfing Terms:

  • Approach Shot: any shot with the intent of making it from the fairway to the green
  • Bite: ball lands with significant bounce
  • Fore: yelled out to let other golfers know that a ball has been hit in their direction. A courtesy shout to warn players.
  • Forgiveness: club design element that sends the ball straight and long even when the ball is mis-struck
  • Fringe: the edge of the green
  • Hacker: not very good golfer with a high handicap (aka me)
  • Handicap: A system designed to put players on theoretically equal footing. The number describes the golfer’s playing ability
  • Long Game: Part of your game that is played with full or substantial swings that cover a long distance.
  • Mulligan: An option where a bad first hit off the tee can be replayed
  • Scratch Golfer: Someone with a zero handicap (obviously me someday)
  • Shank: hitting from the side of the club instead of the face which causes the ball to shoot sideways
  • Short Game: part of your game that doesn’t consist of a full swing these include: chipping, pitching, bunker shots and putting.
  • Slice: shot that curves from left to right
  • Sweet Spot: The center mass of the club (the solid spot on the clubface). Designed to produce the straightest and longest trajectory when the ball is struck.
  • 19th Hole: going to the bar after a round of golf

Score Keeping Jargon:

  • Ace: hole in one
  • Birdie: score one stroke less than par
  • Bogey: score one stroke above par
  • Eagle: score two under par
  • Even:  score that matches a par for a hole or round
  • Par: Number of strokes it should take an expert golfer to finish on a given hole

Golf Course Terminology:

  • Bunker: a depression in the ground usually filled with sad
  • Caddie: person hired to carry clubs (must be nice)
  • Rough: long grass on the side of the fairway
  • Sandtrap: hollow in the ground on the course filled with sand
  • Tee Time: Time you have scheduled to play golf on a course
  • Tee Box: The area indicated to begin the hole
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