Putt Putt -2 Ways To Master The Art Of Putting.

As a seasoned putt putt golfer I assumed a putting green would be a piece of cake. Little did I know that without the help of the bunkers on a miniature golf course putting is actually very challenging. Now I’m not saying I condone it but I may be able to see why a golfer will throw a club or two after a bad putt.

After a trying day here are tips I learned on how to master putting.

  1. Take in a visual account of the putt. See where you want to putt and try and make it go there.
    1. At first I thought this was the worst idea because obviously I saw it going in the hole. But once I started visualizing the path I wanted it to take it did help significantly. More importantly it started to get me to think about how I was hitting the ball and what path I was trying to take and at what speed. I had to take into consideration the grain of the green, the distance, and the angles.
    2. Some advice I was given and also read about is how important it is to keep your head still. Apparently the movement of your head while putting will cause your body to move creating bad and inconsistent putts.
  2. Hitting the putter in the “sweet spot” (I will be adding this to my golf dictionary). When you hit the ball in this spot it delivers more energy to the golf ball. Hitting this space can be very difficult but when you do it doesn’t make the ball curve left or right.
    1. During this type of practice I found it valuable to roll the ball end over end to help avoid wobbling. If you don’t do this it will put the entire putt off balance.
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