Golf’s Fallen Leader

Even when I wasn’t a golf fan I had heard about Tiger Woods. It was this time last year when Tiger’s troubles began in Australia. Since then he has had a mediocre showing at tournaments, including the HSBC, which I followed closely. Tiger came up in 6th place but that was still 11 shots behind the leader. Are his days of dominance over? I’m no authority to say so but it looks like his era is coming to an end. Tiger has had a whopping 13-year glory period in golf, which is longer than any of the greats (so I read). His finial chance to change his loosing streak is at the Australian Masters this week where he is the reigning champion. If he doesn’t win this title again he will have gone an entire year without winning a single trophy.

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One Response to Golf’s Fallen Leader

  1. Cathy Rudinsky says:

    I love your blog. It makes me want to take up golf…or at least try it someday. I always get asked if I play golf. Many of my old tennis buddies are no longer playing tennis but have taken up golf as the prefered sports activity. Maybe someday I will try it. Your blog has perked my interest.

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