Golf’s Winter Playground

Not all of us can live in California or Florida where it’s perfect golf weather all year around. Some of us have to be a little creative if we want to stay in golf shape.
Practicing for the short game: I suggest a putting station at home. I’ve already set one of these up thanks to my borrowed (small) indoor putting green. But you can use something as easy and as a cheap artificial golf hole to help you keep your perfect putt, I found a few on Try practicing putts as often as you can, you can even create a competition among your friends, trust me this works great.
Practice for your long game: Visit an indoor driving range. You don’t get do-over’s for tee shots and approach shots, so it’s important not to loose your focus. If you practice these at the range you will keep your long game in check. Dare I say even try finding a golf simulator, no I haven’t tried one of these yet but I do love a new technology toy.
Practice Practice Practice:
Grips-a great swing can only start with your grip. You can work on this while watching your favorite TV show or the golf channel (obviously my new favorite). You can practice holding your grip during the show and take a break during commercial breaks. Since your watching TV you are less likely to notice how uncomfortable this is. Trust me as a new golfer I’m all about complaining that it’s uncomfortable.

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