Golf Myths

Inspired by watching Mythbusters, I looked into a few golf myths to see whether I can debunk them or if they are true.

Myth: The Higher the Ball Bounces, The Further its Going to Fly

Yes, it might be fun to bounce the golf ball in the pro shop to see which one goes higher and select a ball that way. From what I read the experts say that the compression stress placed on a golf ball when bounced on a hard surface is minimal compared to being hit by a club. Basically the amount of compression that you and gravity give the ball when bouncing it in the store is nowhere near what happens when you hit it. Sorry folks the: Golf Ball Bounce Test=Not True

If you’re at the pro shop try using the launch monitor to test them out. I did yesterday at, I highly recommend it.

Myth: Flex Ratings Are All the Same

False, each shaft company has their own designs for shafts. So each company has their own flex ratings. In essence one a flex that was rated ‘S’ from one company could be rated ‘R’ or ‘X’ at another.

Myth: Always Keep Your Head Down During Your Swing

False, If you keep your swing too tight and don’t allow good extension you won’t be making the most of your swing. During the later part of your swing, your head needs to come up to keep the momentum of the club and a good follow-through to the target. Yes, you need to keep your head down part of the time, but keep your body moving toward the target with the club.

Myth: I’m a scratch golfer

One day this will no longer be a myth

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