Golf Ball Guide For Beginners

Everything in golf can be personalized to each golfers own taste, right down to the golf ball. As an outsider, I assumed golf balls were made in relatively the same manner (hello newbie). After some research was done I have come to the obvious conclusion that all golf balls are not created equal.  Choosing the right golf ball depends on 3 factors; your handicap, swing speed, and the equipment you use. Overall when it comes down to choosing your specific golf ball, if it doesn’t fit, don’t use it. There are any number of golf balls on the market if one doesn’t work for you, you can be sure there will be another make and model that will.

Golf Balls have 3 different types of construction:

  • 2 Piece: Majority of balls on the market are made with this type of construction. They are made with a solid inner core and a hard cover, designed for distance and durability.
  • 3 Piece Hybrid: constructed with a solid core surrounded by a mantle. These are constructed for forgiveness and increased performance and spin control.
  • 3 or 4 Piece Performance: These are only used by professional players and low handicap golfers.

Beginner (me): The best golf ball that is recommended for beginners are the cheapest one’s. Since you are still considered to have an inconsistent swing and the best part of the golf ball is not loosing it, going cheap is the best option. These options will be the two piece distance balls such as the Callaway Warbird or the Top-Flight XL

Intermediate: This is where performance aspects come into play. Try finding two piece low compression balls that will help with distance for moderate and slower swing speeds. In general a softer feeling urethane covers produces higher spin rates

Advanced: This is when golfers will start to use the multilayer construction golf balls. The different layers of the balls will enhance different aspects of performance. Of course the price points of these golf balls shoots up dramatically. Guess that’s what you get for playing golf all the time.

Golf Ball

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