Golf Ball Guide For Beginners Cont…..

Continuing from Wednesday’s golf ball instructional. I compiled a list of this years best golf balls (with a little help from Golf Digests Hot List and Golf Tips). Hint hint: these are great gifts for any golfer. Happy Black Friday Shopping!

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo: A two-piece ball with ultra-low compression. it is the softest in the Callaway line on the market. This ball is designed to optimize initial ball speed for a variety of swing speeds. Made with a large center core was to help produce less spin.

Callaway i(s)/i(z)-This dual core construction golf ball was created to make a difference between driver spins (low) and wedge spin (high). This ball is designed for tour players but can also have the soft feel average golfers want.

Nike Golf One Tour– Four piece construction includes two midlayers, one for distance and one for maximizing spin. This is for a golfer who wants playability from a top tier premium golf ball.

Bridestone e6: Different from its predecessors this ball was designed for a piercing trajectory. This has a 3 piece design made with a low compression core. The soft inner mantle reduces the sidespin from slices and hooks. Those who want a great ball for under $30 this is your pick. This ball is perfect for those with an average swing speed.

TaylorMade Penta TP: This is a five layered construction golf ball. The performance factors created for this ball are meant to enhance your game in regards to spin, feel, control, launch and distance. Each of these performace factors get it’s own layer. This really is the ball that does it all. It creates more spin when you need and less when you don’t. Made for tour players and everyone else who wants to try a 5 layer construction golf ball.

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