Golf Heroes

golf heroes

Learning a new sport I think it’s important to learn the history behind the game and the players who made it successful. Today’s post I want to dedicate to those players who changed the face of golf. These are player’s whose caliber is and will, be talked about for generations.

I considered doing the top 5 greatest golfers but during the selection process I could only narrow it down to 6 (sorry I know I’m always trying to bend the rules).

Jack Nicklaus: In an age of great golf players this man was still able to stand apart from the crowd. Managing to win 18 major championship victories, nearly twice as many as the men who came before him. If that wasn’t enough he also achieved 19 runner-up places in major championships. Beyond the wins Jack changed the sport by using a combination of power, putting and meticulous course management.

Tiger Woods: Setting aside this past year of no wins and loosing his #1 title, he still revolutionized the way golf is played and viewed. He made golf accessible to millions of people worldwide. Woods has claimed 14 major titles to challenge his predecessor Jack Nicklaus’ career.

Ben Hogan: This player managed nine major championship victories and 62 career wins. Let’s just to say he left his peers in the dust. His career struggled early on from a bad hook but this allowed him to become one of golf’s greatest technicians. After surviving a near fatal car crash he came back more resilient than ever.

Gary Player: A golfer from South Africa, he is considered to be the first truly global pro, winning 163 tournaments around the world. Also known for being a great bunker player.

Arnold Palmer: Bringing a new face to golf in the 50’s Palmer won 7 majors including 4 Master’s titles and a grand total of 62 PGA Tour victories. His outgoing personality made him an idol to millions.

Bobby Jones: Retiring from championship golf at only 28 he still left his mark on the game winning 13 of the 20 major championships he entered. Going on in his career he helped found The Masters. He is considered to be the model of a complete golfer, one who possessed intelligence and profound character as well as a champion spirit.


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5 Responses to Golf Heroes

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  2. Boxgroove says:

    Yes, without them the Game of Golf wouldn’t have got so much popularity. You have mentioned the legend players of Golf but I think you should have also included the name of Vijay Singh, Fiji. There was a time when he also crossed Tiger Woods.

  3. I completely agree with you, I think I will do another post on influential players in the game, not just the legends that everyone gawks over. Thank you!

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