Golf Etiquette

When we are little we are all taught to mind our p’s and q’s, well what about the golf world? What is the proper etiquette here? As a new member to golf I found it important to learn what rules of etiquette are in place.

Golf etiquette is essential to golf, many rules are put in place for safety reasons others to maintain the quality of the golf course and the fashion in which golf was founded. These rules are enforced to make the game more enjoyable and to minimize as much damage as possible. Even if many of these are merely guidelines, not rules, they are expected to be followed.


  • Steer clear of others in your group when swinging your club. Even practice swings shouldn’t be taken in the direction of another player, you may swing up loose rocks and dirt. Make sure there is only one player on the tee at a time. Overall, be aware of where people in your group are.
  • After your swing if your ball appears to be headed in the direction of another group yell ‘Fore’. Recently this has become increasingly important, you are liable if you hit someone.


  • Keep up a good pace going throughout your game-don’t dilly-dally. This means being prepared with your ball, ready to hit, when it’s your turn. If you are a group of slower players and there is room, allow the faster groups to play through.
  • If you make a divot repair it by replacing the grass you kicked up or preferably with a divot tool.
  • Golf carts should not be used to distract other players. They are there to help speed up play not slow it down. (Yes, it’s always fun to play but try to resist.)
  • Honour rule: The player with the best score on the previous hole has the honour of teeing off first.
  • Bunkers: players can’t ground the club in any type of hazard. Meaning, the club isn’t allowed to touch the ground, sand, water, or anything else during a practice swing. When you leave a bunker you should remove all evidence that you were there. Golf courses have specifically put rakes out so golfers can smooth the sand.


  • Talking on the tee is generally not allowed when on the course. When another player is up don’t disturb them. This also means turn off cell phones and outside conversations.
  • Above all keep your cool on the golf course. Golf is a game which can be won by a single stroke, which also makes it the most difficult to stay calm over a bad shot. However, when playing a gentleman’s game don’t get mad or blame other golfers for your bad play.
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2 Responses to Golf Etiquette

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  2. Shawn Augustson says:

    I just posted about golf etiquette in the off season to my blog at

    I was kind of surprised at how many people let the rules and etiquette go out the window just because it was off season.

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