Have you heard enough about the new grooves?

The legality of the new groove conformity is something, which has been widely debated this year in the golf. The USGA stands by their decision to not allow clubs with square grooves. Phil Mickelson dared to put a set of non-conforming Ping wedges on the course at Torrey Pines earlier this year. Clearly criticized for this action, the Tour allowed him to play. However, most players quickly adjusted to the new grooves specifications. With all of the advances in equipment over the years, top golfers were able to play better with all the backspin on the green. Essentially they want the Tour players to remember the importance of hitting the ball on the fairway. It was a shock in 2008 when they made they new grooves specification announcement. It was more of a media frenzy then it was an actual problem. Public players are still able to use the non-conforming grooves until 2024. This clearly won’t be a problem since retailers will not be able to sell any clubs without the new grooves after January 1st 2011. The main difference in the new rule is that the grooves have to be straight and parallel. If you really need it explained check out the official USGA website.

I promise that is all I will talk about the new USGA grooves. I thought it was important to educate myself but that is all on this topic that I will discuss.

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