Golf For Fun?

After reading a great article in Golf Digest (the fun issue) on how golf should be fun (is golf not fun?). So far on my journey into the golf world has been FUN, ok maybe that’s not totally true, there were a few breakdowns along the way- the driving range, the putting green, etc.-but I think that’s normal when learning any sport. The article discussed how you should invent your own rules, carry fewer club, play fewer holes, don’t keep score, listen to music or go it alone. Basically take everything from the golf etiquette post and do the opposite. So can you have fun playing golf and follow the rules? -yes. I think if you take suggestions from each of these arguments you might just have yourself a pretty great game.

And for the humor I actually laughed out loud at this (not to hype it up)

“Bad day at the course,” a guy tells his wife. “Charlie had a heart attack on the third hole.”

“That’s terrible!” she says.

“You’re telling me. All day long, it was hit the ball, drag Charlie.”

The New Yorker had some pretty good comics in the issue. Exhibit A:

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