Golf Is Harder Than You Think

I have played many sports but golf is seemingly becoming harder and harder. Some of the reasons for this can be found in a variety of factors. There was a great post from the waggle room that I would like to add on to.
Play Time
The average golfer spends 4.5 minuets hitting golf shots during an 18-hole course. It takes 5 hours to play 18 holes. That leaves golfers a lot of time for strategy and contemplation.
Golf Swing
This is a very complex and technical aspect of golf. I have read numerous techniques and books on what people think the best golf swing is. It’s difficult for each golfer to find the exact swing that works for them that will allow them to get the ball straight and down the fairway. Everything from the simplified Ben Hogan technique to places where they will analyze your every move.
Let’s be honest we all saw what happened this weekend at the South African Open and let’s not forget the infamous Ryder Cup. Rain isn’t even the worst, try and little snow, which makes it actually impossible to play. Only in a few parts of the country are players able to play year round.
Other Golfers
Well it can either be a blessing or a curse; you get spend 5 hours with your buddies on the flip side you spend 5 straight hours with your buddies.
This is the one that I am learning to be extremely valuable lesson right now as I am starting my journey into this golfing world. It can cost you a pretty penny.
Golf is one of the only sports where there is such exclusivity to play at the best places. I have had the privilege to go to Maui’s only private golf course the Kamehame golf course; of course I only went to the club house ( I didn’t know how to play back then).  It was pretty amazing and had breathtaking views. But there are numerous courses like this and most places you have to be a member to play at.
Practice Makes Perfect
If you think you can just play every blue moon and it’s like getting back on a bike you in for a rude awakening. Golf is a sport that takes serious dedication and practice if you want to improve.

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