Twitter All The Buzz

Holiday_twitterIt must be a slow golf week because all people have been talking about is Twitter. Yesterday it was, did Tiger injure himself? Did he really need a cortisone shot? What really happened, is he out for the season? etc. Clearly there was little else going on in golf for people to talk about. In actuality he was on a photo shoot for EA sports, had some ankle pains and look where that got him. He did have a cortisone shot 10 days ago to relieve some lingering pain from the Chevron World Challenge. Of course he personally took to Twitter to lay to rest the rumors, -“ Tough day at the office, testing out 12 game” and “Cool shot one of the EA sports guys sent me” he included some pictures, you can look at his official twitter if you want to see them Here. Today there are articles on who has the better Twitter players, US or Europe (Ryder Cup all over again) apparently the consensus is that Europeans are more entertaining. As a new blogger to Twitter, I will have to say, it is pretty interesting some of the things these players will say. It has added an extra element to the game, seeing the insider scoop on their banter and what makes them tick (or ticked off).

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