Best of Golf 2010

So even though I have just recently caught on to the golfers bandwagon, I have still done enough TV watching and reading to understand this years best moments (in golf). I also used a few others lists to compile mine-In no particular order:
The Fall of the Tiger
Golf’s fearless leader was taken into the spotlight this past year, not for his golfing abilities. Golf has never had a story with so much publicity as his affair.
Phil Makes His Return
With one of the biggest tournaments in golf and golf’s #1 player out of sorts it was Phil Mickelson’s year to add his 3rd green jacket to his repertoire. Unfortunately this was Phil’s only win of the year reporting that he was suffering from arthritis.
The Leaky Roof
During a rainy season at the Ryder Cup there was only talk of the faulty rain suits that couldn’t keep players. Sun Mountain’s defective rain gear made more headlines than the golf. President Rick Reimers was at a loss for why the suits leaked.
The Wedge Rule
After the USGA decided that they no longer wanted players to be able to play with square grooves the media had a field day. However, the players had a seemingly easy time with the switch to the new straight and parallel rules of the new wedges. Armature’s may have a bit harder of a time adjusting to the new wedges that don’t allow them to get as much spin from the bunker shots. Cleveland made it their year of the wedge to market the fact that the new rule may hinder your game and you have until 2024 to actually get your new wedge.
The Rise of the Youngsters
This was the year the young players started to break out of their shells. Woods and Mickelson had an unnaturally slow year which, bred a new class of player to come forward. Martin Kaymer of Germany had a breakout year winning the PGA Championship. Dustin Johnson scored extremely well in both the Open and the PGA. The Molinari brothers were extremely impressive during the Ryder Cup. Rickie Fowler is now known not only for his hair and style, he won Rookie of the Year award. Trailing the pack is the youngest at 17 years old Matteo Manassero who was the youngest champion on the European Tour when he was the Castello Masters.
Jonathan Byrd’s Hole In One Finish
Jonathan Byrd made an ace to win the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital Open. It was a shocking finish to the three-man playoff. It was officially the first sudden-death playoff decided by an ace. YouTube
Rankings Wars
While Tiger was battling his personal problems golfers were battling for his number 1 ranking. It was Lee Westwood who eventually took that honor away from Tiger. Westwood will finish out this year with that ranking.
Furyk’s Win
During the FedEx Cup there was a fairly mellow mood until Jim Furyk created from last minuet excitement. This win also helped Furyk solidify his PGA Tour Player of The Year. This was an honor that was voted on by his peers and he was very deserving after winning the FedEx Cup and 2nd on the money list.
Luck of the Irish
Mcllroy and McDowell lead their Country with pride. Both consistent performers on the European Tour. Graeme McDowell started the year off with a tough win at the U.S. Open in Pebble Beach. He scored the winning point in the Ryder Cup and recently just upset Tiger Woods in his out tournament-the Chevron World Challenge.
Ryder Cup US vs. Europe
It was an unfortunate loss for US golf pride. It was a battle that was fought with determination. This 83 year old competition is more than just your ordinary tournament, as a biennial event it brings out the best in golf and country. On the final days it was grim for the U.S.  Europe was the ultimate winner in this showdown.

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