TaylorMade Buzz

In accordance with my previous article “What to do during the off season?” I have been obsessing over the new equipment for next year. So far the front-runner is hands down the TaylorMade R11 Driver. This is the next in line from their previous R9 collection. They put out a video yesterday that will have all you golf nuts drooling over it as well (see below or watch the Golf Channel, ESPN or CBS & NBC during golf tournaments). Their calling their new campaign “only R11” revealing this unique driver that stands out for its all white color. Why the trend towards all white? Well it’s not necessarily a trend; it’s just a resurrection. White is said to absorb light better than the glossy black drivers to help lessen glare. Cobra beat TM to the punch of an all white driver, but TM is going for the mass-market appeal not just a limited edition like Cobra. Of course that’s not the only reason golfers are fawning over this new club, new mechanics such as the Adjustable Sole Technology have been added to the design, which will allow players to adjust for alignment, ball height and draw. However, you will have to wait until February 4, 2011 until you can get your hands on one.

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