A Surprising 1st Round: Tournament of Champions

Jonathan_byrdAfter the first round in Kapalua it’s Johnathan Byrd and Carl Pettersson who have come out on top. They share the lead with 7 under 66. After defending champion Geoff Ogivly had to withdraw yesterday after his brief encounter with the reef, he left the title up for grabs. Stuart Appleby also had a rough start on Thursday after showing up with no putter he had to send his caddie out to get one. I don’t know about you but if I were in a tournament with a purse of $5,600,000 I would probably try and remember my putter. But that didn’t stop this 3 time champion, he finished the first round with a 4 under 69. On the upside the players had more than idyllic conditions to start off the tournament. The Plantation Course usually known for it’s windy conditions was a surprise for players who found the wind nowhere in sight for the start of this Tournament.

This is Jonathan Byrd’s first tournament after qualifying at the Justin Timberlake Open in Las Vegas with that unforgettable ace that won him the tournament. Ben Crane is right on there heels though with 6 under 66. There was already a controversial call for Camilo Villegas, only one day into the season and already another player out of the tournament. Villegas was disqualified after a rules violation. The rule in question was 23-1 where you are not allowed to move a loose impediment “that might influence the movement of the ball” in motion. Let’s not forget today was also his 29th birthday not a great way to spend your birthday getting DQ’d from a tournament after a viewer caused a commotion on social media.

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