It’s Official The 2012 Ryder Cup Has It’s Captain’s

It’s Official the two Ryder Cup Captions have been chosen. In a not so surprising announcement my both the US and European teams as they chose the clear front-runners for captions to lead their countries in 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah. On Tuesday Europe announced Jose Maria Olazabal and today Davis Love III was officially announced as Captain. Both are no strangers to this tournament or position as leaders. They each had the role as vice captions and assistant captions in last year’s tournament. These are exceptional choices for these roles as they are calm tempered and have shown proven leadership. Davis Love III was quoted as saying I’m a players caption. He knows what he is doing; he has personally played on six Ryder Cup teams. Now we only have to wait another 18 months for the tournament-score.

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One Response to It’s Official The 2012 Ryder Cup Has It’s Captain’s

  1. Front9Back9 says:

    No surprise here, but great picks. Jose Maria Olazabal will be a true inspiration for the European team after all the health problems, so I hope the U.S. brings their A-game.

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