Bunker Confidence

I was doing a little golf practice over the weekend, (and also some Wii golfing-seriously that game is addicting). I realized how terrifying bunkers are. After watching what happened to Dustin Johnson during the bunkergate fiasco they have always been a sore spot for me. If you watch other golfers and see their reaction when they realize that their ball has landed in the sand. Fear and borderline panic is generally what comes over their faces. One thing I read is that it’s a matter of confidence; ok you try telling that to a new golfer confidence shmonfidence. But I did find a few helpful tips from GolfLink. First you obviously need to know different techniques to use for greenside bunkers and those in the sand on the fairway. The clear goal here is to get the ball out of the sand.

Greenside Bunker

You have to adjust your normal swing, to open the face of your club and address the ball with an open stance. Your grip on the sand wedge should be further down than normal with a loose hold.

Fairway Bunker

If your ball lands 150 yards or more from the green in a fairway sandtrap here are a few tips. Address the ball as normal, use a little more club than you normally would for this distance shot ie trade the 6 iron for the 5. Swing like normal but try and avoid as little sand as possible

Of course these tactics are all more easily said than done but I will put them to use and hopefully conquer the beginners fear of the bunkers. I think a few practice shots in the dirt might help a bit. Here goes nothing…

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