Golf Fitness Time

Disclaimer: I am no golfing or fitness expert in case you haven’t noticed

On my journey to be the best golfer I can be (dramatized) I found that practice and better equipment can only get you so far, fitness is another very important element to add to the mixture and one not all of us love. You can improve your game my practice but fitness is where you can gain the strength to really help out your swing. If you want to start improving you game and really taking off a few strokes adding some exercises to my regular fitness regime really seem to help. Let’s get one thing straight golf fitness doesn’t have to be a workout at the gym, it can be simple workouts at home to strengthen the most important muscles you need during golf.  A few common denominators I found about the best golf fitness programs were:

  1. Increase swing speed
  2. Improve accuracy, hitting more shots straight through the middle
  3. Reduce risk of injuries particularly shoulders and back.
  4. Improve their overall energy

Improving your golf swing can be done in alternative ways compared to the usual pumping iron at the gym. If you isolate a few exercises you will be able to target the correct muscle groups you are looking for. A great start is to choose exercises that mimic the movement and positions in golf. Rotational exercises are great for this.

Flexibility will allow you to make seamless swings for a fuller turn with less effort during the backswing. This should give you more power in your golf shots. If you can get this down and the consistency you will have it made. You can improve flexibility through static stretches.

Getting your heart rate up will also help you feel more focused and alert on the golf course. It reduces stress and will keep you feeling fresher in the latter stages of your round. Regular cardiovascular exercises would be ideal.

If you’re short on time do what they call ‘circuit training’ it’s effective and time-efficient.

And that is my two sense about golf fitness

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3 Responses to Golf Fitness Time

  1. You’re correct that people don’t pay attention fitness as an element of improving their golf game, especially for older individuals. Although I have read for some people stretching can be counterproductive, I have always found it to be an important aspect of preparing my body for a round. It can also be very relaxing for one’s mental state heading into a round.

    Good blog and I’ll be checking back in.

    If you have a moment let me know your thoughts about my latest post concerning Pebble:


  2. Troy Vayanos says:

    Nice Post.

    I agree, I don’t think nearly enough golfers place enough importance on the fitness part of the game. It makes complete sense that a fitter golfer, more agile golfer is only going to make better golf swings and be a lot stronger coming down the stretch of a long 18 holes of golf.


  3. Thank you,
    My thoughts exactly, golfers need that agility for a good consistent swing. It doesn’t take a lot of work but it does take some time and effort.

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