Lightening, Gators, and A Tree-All Lead to Sabbatini’s Win

Not short of surprises, least of all the weather, the 2011 Honda Classic came down to a one shot win. Rory Sabbatini the native South African golfer lead the Honda classic to victory, with Y.E. Yang close behind giving him a run for his money. A possible gator sighting also gave Sabbatini a bit of a scare, though nothing was ever conformed, I guess you can never be too careful out on the course. I haven’t had the chance to play in Florida but I would image gators on the golf course wouldn’t be my first idea of fun. Jerry Kelly had a notable game as well on Saturday after a photographer found his golf ball up on the top of a palm tree (somebody must be a good spotter). He ended up with a 3rd place finish thanks to the photographer who spotted it. Lightening delayed play for about a half an hour but Sabbatini’s 5-stroke lead gave him a nice cushion to fall back on even with the deterring weather. 

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