Always Staying In Touch

Thanks to a blog post over at the Waggle Room I have added yet another app to my mobile repertoire. The new PGA Tour android app, I will say this weekend it was great to have. I wasn’t able to park myself in front of the TV and watch the golf religiously as usual but I was able to keep track of all the scores and the latest headlines from the game (instantly-yes that’s dangerous). You can track players on the PGA, Nationwide and Champions Tours. Most of all it was great to be able to just check in to the scores of the game. It’s very to the EPSN scorecenter apps for basketball and football games. The PGA did a great job, really liked that they added the feature of latest news so you have some reference to what’s going on. Essentially they have just created another way for golf nuts to keep in touch 24/7 (it’s about time). 

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