Would You Take Mobile Lessons From Tiger?

Tiger Woods is making headlines again but not for a tournament win, he came out with a new iPhone app today, which, analyzes his swing to supposedly help you with yours. It’s not clear which swing will be used as the instructional but most likely will be his current masterpiece which he is still in construction. Tiger has changed his swing 4 times since turing pro in 1996. To this golfer it seems like a terrible time to release an app about the education and analysis of a golfers swing when he is still educating himself on his own swing-let’s not forget that we haven’t been seeing him even as a top 10 finisher in the last year. For those of you who are interested it’s available today for iPhone’s for purchase of $9.99. If you have been following golf or even remotely heard of his game recently i’m not sure why you would purchase this but to each their own. No this app does not teach you how to spit on the golf course like he did in Dubai. Interesting timing also as the latest version of his EA Sports Game comes out on March 29th -includes of course Augusta National as one of the historic courses to play on.

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One Response to Would You Take Mobile Lessons From Tiger?

  1. Troy Vayanos says:

    I think we can always learn something valuable about the game of golf from the professionals. Even though Tiger is still struggling with his golf game he has much to offer the rest of the golfing public particularly at the amateur level.


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