Charl Schwartzel 2011 Masters Tournament Winner

A wild Masters Weekend may have golf fans stunned by Sunday’s winner. A relatively unknown golfer is now the proud owner of one coveted Green Jacket-Charl Schwarztel.

Watching the final round of the Masters was what most people would refer to as a roller coaster of epic proportions. The leader after 4 rounds was Rory McIlroy the 21 year old Northern Ireland golfer held a steady 4 stroke lead going into Sunday’s final round. What came next I don’t think anyone expected, after loosing his momentum McIlroy came out with triple bogey on 10 to show he he didn’t quiet have what it takes to wear that Green Jacket. Taking a final score of 80 and joined a list of Tour Players who have fallen apart in major championships.

The leaderboard was packed going into the final stretch at Augusta National with some big plays by Tiger Woods, Adams Scott, Jason Day, and of course Charl Schwartzel. Day’s first Masters turned out to be a place he could concur after his T2 finish. Scott has probably never played such a great game of golf and ended with his best finish in a major at T2. Of course a huge surprise was Tiger’s steady climb to the top of the leaderboard putting him in contention to win another Masters and end his loosing streak from the past year and a half. Wood’s definitely showed his knowledge of the course and his new stroke might actually work.

The biggest surprise fell from the winner of the Green Jacket Charl Schwartzel, a relatively unknown other than his win earlier this year at the Joburg Open. His final round to win at the Masters was by far the best round of the day. His final score of 6 under 66 to win by 2 shots as he birdied the final 4 holes. The South African native outplayed the two Australians Day and Scott who didn’t drop a single shot on the back 9. A fitting time for an international player to win the Masters on the 50th anniversary of Gary Player win as the first international player. As for the commercials I don’t think they lie the Masters is so far the best week in golf.

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5 Responses to Charl Schwartzel 2011 Masters Tournament Winner

  1. Chris Ross says:

    It was nice to see Schwartzel take the tournament for himself because it got to the point where it looked like maybe even Tiger would get into a playoff at 10 under which would have been absolutely pathetic. Gotta give some props to Schwartzel, Scott and even Jason Day who all came up pretty big down the stretch and made some big putts. It was an unbelievable masters tournament, probably the best I have seen in my shortish lifetime (can’t decide between masters where Tiger had that shot hang on the lip for a second before dropping).

  2. I agree it was definitely a Masters to remember. Some unbelievable triumphs and failures (sorry Rory). We will see if Tiger is still able to play this way in his next tournament showing in 3 weeks.

    • @ Chris…I’m not sure how Tiger getting into a playoff or winning the Masters at 10 under would have been absolutely pathetic.

      @DG…solid post and you are absolutely right that Tiger’s next tournament(s) will show how far he as actually progressed towards regaining his previous form. People, especially in the case of Woods, all too often jump to conclusions or rush to judgement after one performance by an athlete. Let’s not forget that just because Tiger contended at Augusta (a course he knows well) doesn’t mean that he will contend on another course.

      If you have a moment check out my post on the 2011 Masters:

  3. Thank you!
    I agree Augusta is obviously a course Tiger knows well and with his sporadic playing you never know what swing and confidence Tiger will show up with at a tournament.

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