Kevin Na Makes History

As a new golfers I can certainly sympathize with having a bad round of golf, yesterday Kevin Na took a bad round to a whole new level. Setting a PGA Tour record for the worst par-4 hole in Tour history with his score of 16. Na started 9th hole at the Velaro Texas Open with an unplayable lie off the tee and then a 2-stroke penalty when his ball ricocheted off another tree. Unfortunately 11 strokes later he was in the history books for all the wrong reasons. To top it all off he was wearing a mic on the course and managed to not swear during while the fiasco ensued. Thank you Kevin Na for showing us we don’t have to break a club over your knee after a train-wreck of a score.

While Na was in the trenches McIlroy was pulling himself out. After falling out of the leaderboard on the back 9 at the Masters, Rory is seeing stars again heading into the second round at the Malaysia Open as he shares the lead with Alexander Noren of Sweden.

If you haven’t watched Na’s history making score here is the vide:

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4 Responses to Kevin Na Makes History

  1. Troy Vayanos says:

    This was incredible, hard to believe that a tour professional could have such a score. I thought my 12 I shot several years ago on a par 5 at my home golf course was bad.

    Interesting to see how he fairs in the next few tournaments after this happening.

  2. Bob Wood says:

    Mr. Na acted like a man and took his lumps with grace. Besides, fellow hackers. He shot an 80 with a 16 on his card!… a 16! The guy is a stud.

  3. I was very impressed with his final score of 80 as well, I don’t think most would be able to say that when they had a 16 hanging over their scorecard.
    I agree Troy it will be very interesting to see how he does in the upcoming weeks, he seems like the type of golfer who will be able to overcome this mishap and play some great golf.

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