Can A Golf App Help Your Game?

The Masters has definitely picked up the amount of golf chatter around sports fans and players. I for one can just about taste that spring air and the hope that spring is finally on it’s way here to the Northwest. In the meantime while everyone is going through their Masters euphoric stage probably the first thing we think about is our own quest for the perfect swing. I was reading an article the other day that gave the list of the best apps to help you with your swing. Let me know if you use any of these or you have something to add to the list-reviews to follow.

  1. Golf Genie
  2. U.S. Golf Courses
  3. Golfshot: Golf GPS
  4. Golf’s Greatest Destinations
  5. V1 Golf
  6. The Rules of Golf
  7. Golf Digest Tips Plus
  8. Golf Channel Mobile
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8 Responses to Can A Golf App Help Your Game?

  1. Amber G says:

    Hey there,
    Really like your blog…I’m a beginner, or hacker as you so eloquently put it. (really like that term) I just built a golf web app called which makes your golf schedule easier to manage. I would love for you to check it out and tell me whatcha think. (iPhone/Android version coming soon)
    Of the apps you have on this list, I love Golfshot: Golf GPS and Golf Genie.

  2. Just a few thoughts…
    I haven’t tried any of these particular apps, but the growing reliance/dependency on technology by golfers (either through apps or golf products) does concern me. Technology offers the promise of positive results by improving one’s game. But how often does this actually happen for the mid or high handicapper? Precise or accurate distances through GPS devices truly only assist those who know the precise distances they hit each club and have control of their shots. Additionally, I’m a big believer that every golfer has their own natural swing and am skeptical that any swing analysis or tip apps are a positive in the long term. I’m sure that new products such as these can create a positive short-term mindset for many golfers. However, it’s easy to become disillusioned with the quick fix and the result is usually moving onto the next product. More money out the window, when more practice time is what is needed.

  3. Amber: I will be sure to check out thanks for the tip!
    Sportsglutton: I’m a little skeptical as well that’s kind of why as a new golfer I want to check out all the tools people have to offer just to see what’s real out there and what isn’t. I agree a golf swing is an extremely personal thing, I guess we will see if an app can actually have a significant positive impact on something like that.

  4. Visulax Golf says:

    The swing is but a small part of the battle. The real problem for most is the mental game. We have attempted to remedy this through our app called Visulax Golf. It will help golfers visualize the correct way to play and think on the course. Most golfers will never swing perfectly, but everyone can utilize their mind to improve. It’s currently available for Android and we plan to have an IPhone version soon.

  5. Interesting I hadn’t even thought about searching for apps that would look to help the mental game. I generally search for books and other golfers guidance on this topic a very interesting concept though, thank you for sharing. How much of the mental game do you think is just visualization?

    • I’m not against people spreading the word about or pluggin their products. However, some quick searches about Visulax Golf leaves more questions in my mind than anwsers and caution flags can easily turn into red flags for those attempting to take advantage of people looking for the “quick fix.” I’m in no way discounting the mental side of the game, which is extremely important. But again, can an app tell you more about yourself than practice and playing time can? Additionally, I’m sceptical that an app developed by a mentalist (from what I can tell) can explain “the correct way to play and think on the course.” I’m not trying to discount a product that I have never tried, but there seems to be significant reason not to spend $6.99 on this product…that is unless the poster of the comment above would like to further discuss the benifits of their product???

      • Visulax Golf says:

        You are right it’s a combination of playing, practicing and thinking correctly. However, most golfers don’t get to the thinking correctly part until they have already built in a lot of bad habits, poor self and course management. Some never get it… It’s why most players can’t put a good round together. Their mind is focused on the wrong things.

        The golf industry is built around selling you more equipment and lessons. Look at Golftec. They claim to sell you the complete package (equipment, lessons, physical training), but the mental game is missing. Ask yourself why. It’s because they want you to keep coming back every year to fix your swing and sell you a driver that goes 5 yards further. Even though neither of those things will have as a direct impact on your score as better course management or being more even tempered on the course.

        We all revert to our natural tendencies. As a player of the game for 30 years, my swing reverts to my natural swing, but my thinking (course management, target focus, etc.) has enabled me win, compete at the Division I collegiate level, and maintain a low handicap over the years. So I’ve decided to share this thinking by helping golfers visualize the correct way to think on the course. We combined this information with guided meditation because Tiger Woods does it and it seems to be more effective when presented in this combination. Like all things it will work better for some than others and requires listening to the app at least once a day for 3 weeks. It can also help you to sleep.

        The average golfer would have to read a lot of books to find all of this information so it’s a steal for $6.99. That’s just a bucket of balls and might not even be enough to get you a sandwich these days. It’s now available for iPhone & iPad too.

  6. Thanks for checking back in Spencer and providing a little more background about you and your product (which, in my mind, has helped to legitimize your product). As someone who has competed on an amateur and professional level, I don’t necessarily disagree with your points about the industry or that the mental side of the game is holding most amateur golfers back from achieving their potential (whatever that might be). It is important that every golfer learn how to manage their game and mind on the course and is sadly something most amateurs don’t think about or pay enough attention too.

    As you noted, your product might not be for everyone, but I’m sure that it can be of assistance to many others. Best of luck with the new business and I hope that you can assist people reaching their goals.


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