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I will give it to golf manufacturers, they have become extremely tech savvy. So what’s the best way to choose a golf ball from your favorite brand? Use an online golf ball selector. Almost everything these days can be done through an online source. Manufacturers have made it easier for golfers to be fitted to the right ball using an online resource. Most notably Nike just released their online golf ball fitting solution. The idea behind it allows golfers to choose what they want out of a golf ball and they will recommend what the best ball to use should be. The Nike selector asks you what your goal is: if you want one to be fun, play better, or play the best, then it asks you a series of questions about your personal gaming style such as clubhead speed and putting tactics. These selectors aren’t of course 100% accurate there is only so much information you can feed it, Nike’s may be a little bias because after going through a few results I was returned with their new 20Xi golf balls. A manufacturer like Bridgestone is known for their golf ball fittings and the customization they take trying to find the right golf ball for you. Callway’s process is much like Nike’s where they ask you a series of questions based on feel, approach, and preference of fairway hits or long shots. Titleist went with a visual approach and created a theoretical green where you can specify what type of shots you make where on the hole. I’m hoping other golfers have tried these out, obviously there not going to be a perfect judge of your game but I think they do a good job of narrowing your selection down.

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  1. Although it’s important to know the type of performance that you can expect from a particular golf ball and thus know which is better for your game, determining which ball is the best fit for you is all about club head speed. Each manufacture constructs their balls to fit various golfer’s club head speed, which in turn should provide the best performance on the course for a golfer. For example it’s pointless for people with low clubhead speeds to be hitting Pro V1’s as they can’t compress the ball enough for it to react as it’s intended. That’s why it is so invaluable to know what your speed is. Once you have that number you’ll know the general type of ball you should be hitting and then can get into specifics such as spin, etc. I always laugh at the Titleist commercials for the Pro V series which claim “this ball can help you break 90, etc.” when most people shooting in the 90’s or more shouldn’t be wasting their money on those type of balls. Then again because golf is so mental if you think the ball is helping you it probably is to a minor extent. 🙂

    • Great point, it’s definitely a mental game and I don’t think I knew that about the clubhead speeds. That’s great to know when I change golf balls. Obviously Tour balls are for faster swingers that’s a no brainer but you bring up a great point.

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