A Golf Ball That Only Goes Where You Want It

Ever daydream about a ball that will eliminate your slice? There was a great article in the NY Times this morning about Polara’s new golf ball that helps eliminate golfers sliced hits. Of course a product like this is too good to be true for people who take the game seriously since the ball is illegal by USGA standards. It works by using an irregular dimple patter which doesn’t conform to official golf rules. So who does the ball appeal to? The recreational golfer who doesn’t mind if he’s breaking a few rules it’s not like they are ever going to join a golf competition. For many the art and challenge of hitting the ball straight is part of the game, for others the frustration is overwhelming. I’m very intrigued by the Polara Ultimate Straight golf ball. For me this would be something I would test out but never use on a regular basis. I’m by no means a golfer who plans on entering a competition any time soon but I think I can get along just fine using a golf ball that was made with the official rules in mind. Has anyone tried it out (this is not a new product)? or are you boycotting the non-conforming golf balls all together?

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2 Responses to A Golf Ball That Only Goes Where You Want It

  1. In general I’m not a fan of the concept. As you say, part of the challenge of the game is finding a way to control ball flight and I feel the same way. I’ve heard some people comment that the ball will increase the pace of play for higher handicappers simply because they won’t have to be searching for errant balls. In this case let me recommend that golf balls be installed with GPS tracking devices, so that golfers can confirm that their ball is in the lake or just in that pesky animal hole. 🙂

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