Bad Luck and Bad Injuries For The Player Championship

Injuries seem the big buzz keeping players off the course this week at The Players Championship. Tiger Woods withdrew after the first 9 holes and limped off the course. Lingering injuries including a bad knee and achilles tendon prevented Woods from doing anything but scoring a 42 (6 over) on the front 9. I guess he was merely keeping up with his tradition of withdrawing from The Players. Last year he also made an untimely exit from the championship. Then Geoff Ogilvy had to withdraw feeling a bad shoulder. Defending champion Tim Clark also had to withdraw due to elbow injury. As a new golfer I can sympathize with how hard the game is on your body, a year ago I probably would have thought they all just had a really low pain tolerance or something. As for loosing your grip on a driver last just playing bad luck for Michael Bradley who dropped his club in the pond on the 7th hole. Luckily there was a faithful fan nearby to help pull it out. It’s a lot easier to see a golf ball hit the pond not a precious club. For the rest of the field it looks like the cuts will be Even at par heading into the weekend. Here are the start times for tomorrows players here

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One Response to Bad Luck and Bad Injuries For The Player Championship

  1. Troy Vayanos says:

    Yes golf is one of those sports that your body has to be close to 100% to perform well. Any injury tends to have some sort of impact on your overall golf swing as every muscle and body part has some role to play during the golf swing.


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