iPING A Putting Revolution?

I know everyone is excited about the US Open right now and Rory coming out of the gate at another majors tournament with the lead in the 1st round but I thought this was also news worthy.

Ping has always been known in the putting industry as a trusted club but it’s now making it’s move to tech guru’s of the putting market. They recently announced their creation of the iPING app. It’s basically the latest putting aid that records everything for you except the exact putter to buy. The app will be free on iTunes June 20th and players just have to buy the $30 clip that will attach the phone to the club. Unfortunately this blogger does not own a iPhone or iTouch so I won’t be testing out this golf app for you. Any of you readers going to test it out? Too bad you have to buy the clip for $30 but I have seen a lot more for putting aids out there.

I found this great video showing it off in action:

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