Golf Innovation Over The Years

note: This is a bit of a longer post than usual but please bear with me I did a little digging on how golf equipment has changed over the years and where it is today.

Many golfers find themselves in a position questioning whether it’s worth it to upgrade their old clubs. Has golf technology really changed enough to be worth the price of a new club?

A game which is more than 500 years old there has obviously been quiet a few changes to the equipment and to the innovation. The one goal in the game is to get the ball from the tee to green to the hole with the least shots possible, not a complicated task. The two most basic approaches that will help a players game is to practice both mentally and physically, the other is new find equipment. Golfers can now have new clubs, new GPS, or apps to help improve their game on the course. With so many new features it’s bound to help the average golfer right?

According to legendary swing coach Hank Haney the amount of technology and innovation over the last few years is more helpful than the advice of a coach. A shocking statement from a man who made it his life’s work to help golfers learn to play the game better.

Today’s equipment has had centuries of practice and play to work out all the details. The innovation doesn’t just come in design elements it’s in new materials and new clubs. The better all of these elements are the easier it is for golfers to get past the steep learning curve associated with golf (we’ve all been there).

  • Drivers: Taking a look at the driver, a club used mostly for teeing off. It’s the first club a player pulls out of their golf bag and it sets the tone for that hole. The driver’s main function is to hit the ball as far and as straight as possible toward the green. The golf driver’s head has become larger over the years and produced with better materials. Callaway recently created a new material called forged composite, which is lighter and stronger than the traditional Titanium used in the clubhead.
  • Irons: Golf irons are the middle game club. Used during shots in between teeing off and the green. Cavity back irons were a breakthrough in the 1970’s and now they are some of today’s most popular iron designs on the market. The cavity back design was created to redistribute the weight of the club putting more weight on the back for better distance and accuracy.
  • Hybrids: Hybrids were originally referred to as utility clubs created as a combination between a driver and fairway wood. This new category of golf clubs blends the distance of a driver with the accuracy of a fairway wood. Their appeal was first intermediate players who needed a little extra help hitting the club. Today Tour players and players of all skill levels carry one in their bag.
  • Putters: Putters are the most personal club in a bag, which is why they have almost any style you can imagine. With different weight distributions and head styles a golfer can find the right one for their game.

New technology has allowed players to win majors later in their career. Players like Phil Mickelson, Angel Cabrera, Vijah Singh, Sir Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Jim Furyk, and Padraig Harrington all won majors at the age of 35 or higher.

Give it a few more decades and the golf market will have even more innovations than they do today. Helping expand the presence of golf.

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4 Responses to Golf Innovation Over The Years

  1. Troy Vayanos says:

    There’s no doubt technology has helped a lot of golfers continue to play great golf at a later age. The improved technology in golf balls as well has really helped with golfers distance. Drivers especially are continuing to have the most changes when it comes to technology.

  2. I was considering adding the innovation in golf balls and how the materials and multiple layers have changed over the years. I agree, golf balls have also had an impact on how much a golfer can gain more distance.

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