Darren Clarke 2011 Open Championship Winner

Great weekend and end to the 140th Open Championship. Darren Clarke found his first major victory in his 20th attempt at this tournament. This also marks the 3rd major championship win for a player from Northern Ireland in the past 2 years (Graeme McDowell 2010 U.S. Open, Rory McIlroy 2011 U.S. Open). Clarke’s extraordinary consistency at the Royal St George Golf Club was really what saved his game. While the weather wasn’t very consistent an excuse other players used as their folly. Clarke finished 3 strokes ahead of Americans Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson to win 5 under 275.

Many people didn’t think an American would be anywhere in contention for the win leading up to the Open but they didn’t give up. With six players in the top 10 they almost break the loosing streak for American players at a major. Let’s not forget about Tom Watson’s incredible playing at the age of 61 he was in contention by the end of Saturday but ended up at T22. Phil Mickelson who usually has a tough time on links courses managed to have a better grasp on this year’s Open, only his putting seemed to be a little off. Dustin Johnson had his third regretfully tough major failure and Fowler finally had a Top 5 finish at a major.

The win went to an extremely deserving player and I’m glad to see he finally found a victory his 20th try (guess the saying try, try, try again is definitely true).  Did you expect to see an American win?

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2 Responses to Darren Clarke 2011 Open Championship Winner

  1. Troy Vayanos says:

    It was a great effort Clarke as he’s been close before so it must have been really satisfying to finally win a major. I thought Mickelson and Johnson both had great tournaments and their best ever at the British Open.

  2. Poor Phil made a run at it, but he just can’t ever seem to pull it out when it counts. I’m glad Clarke won. He’s such an everyman’s golfer. I feel the same way about him winning that I do about Stallings winning at Greenbrier. I’m a huge fan of the underdog.

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