Ping 2012 Golf Clubs

Hopefully some of you were able to join or catch a few snipits of Ping’s 2012 sales meeting. In a great marketing move they live tweeted the entire meeting, including live video, pictures, and a branded hashtag to follow #PING2012. From what I can tell from the information they gave us consumers it’s going to be a pretty impressive line up.

First they took a look at the new G20 driver. An interesting new design element for this driver is the external weighting pad that will optimize the drivers launch conditions for better balance and lower spin. The driver is made from an improved Titanium material that has a ratio of Ti 8-1-1. This accounts for better clubhead strength and a more manageable weight ratio. The new shape for the clubhead is a more aerodynamic and balanced than it’s predecessor. You can expect this golf club to hit retail stores August, 11.

The G20 hybrids were next on the discussion plate. The improvements here were a few design changes that made the clubhead a more compact shape. Also, the topline has been flattened along with increasing the bounce and sole camber.

The G20 irons were crafted with all types of golfers in mind regardless of their handicap. A fun new feature is their multi-material badge on the back cavity. They also enhanced the hosel transition to help capture the golf ball better.

The Anser line up was next. First they discussed the Anser milled wedges. Specifically designed to compliment the current line of Anser forged irons made from 8620 soft steel. Reinforced with a cavity design and stabilizing bar. The new Anser putters series lines up with their 3 stroke categories found on their iPing app. Offering 7 different models for the new season they have got a putter for every golfers stroke. They didn’t lie when they said something for everyone; one model has serious alignment help while another has an extremely high MOI design.

The Scottsdale Series of putters actually got a new upgrade as well; added 7 new models to the series. Each putter is incorporated with a thermoplastic elastomer insert (someone must have had fun naming that one) that adds a softer feel to the putter.

All in all looks like a great line up, I don’t think Ping club fans will be disappointed with all the new changes. If you want to check out the complete summary of the meeting check it out here.

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5 Responses to Ping 2012 Golf Clubs

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  2. trandanos says:

    The driver in particular looks to be an impressive looking club. I didn’t mind the look of the previous one so if this is anyone better it should be beauty.

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  5. Shania18 says:

    Ping golf bag. Ping has been on the market for a long time, and their products have continued to impress the professional and amateur golfers worldwide. The elegant design and innovative in their golf bags offer extreme performance and comfort for golfers who are confident that the number one manufacturer of golf equipment.

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