2011 PGA Championship Winner

In his rookie season Keegan Bradley definitely showed that golf really does run through his veins (Aunt Pat Bradley is LPGA Hall of Famer). Winning his first tournament earlier this season on the PGA Tour he attended the PGA Championship with no expectations. After making it to the playoffs with Jason Dufner, who had nerves of steel during the tournament, it was finally settled that at least an American would win a major this year. Not only did an American win a major this is also the 7th straight major where a 1st time winner has become victorious, not a whole lot of dominating players in the game?  One thing is for sure is that Keegan will definitely be at the top of the list for Rookie of The Year Award this season. The 25 year old has 2 wins under his belt including a major championship.

Golf has inevitably turned into a worldwide stage for competition. With this year’s major winners from everywhere around the globe; Ireland, South Africa, and of course now America. There are no “sure thing” players anymore as Tiger’s days of dominance are clearly on hold (if they are ever to return).

This is also a big win for Cleveland golf and of course another win for the long/belly putter, first Adam Scott now Keegan Bradley…will it never end? whatever gets you to the finish line I suppose. Check out what other golf clubs Bradley had in his bag over here

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