Golf For All Ages

While I was playing golf this weekend I realized one of the greatest characteristics about the game is that it brings together generations of people. Walking around the course you can sometimes even find a grandfather, father, son, team. I think there are very few sports that can boast it can be learned and played at almost any age. The only other game that comes to mind is pool where you can either learn the game as a kid or pick it up later in life ( I saw a fun post about it here). As you know I myself started golf at a young age but regrettably never picked it up again until recently. If anything it’s a great game the whole family can play. While some may take it more seriously than other it by no means discredits golf’s ability to be a fun and competitive game.

Golf is a game that can be taken as competitively as the group would like. Many golf groups allow mulligans among other gimmes to allow all members of the group to enjoy the game. Various advancements in golf have allowed the game to be enjoyed by all these generations of players. Golf carts allow easy access and less physical exertion, club technology has made it easier for players to learn the game, and the most recent “Tee It Forward” initiative has golfers playing from the proper tee so they can enjoy the game even more tailored to their skills.


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