The Barclays and The Fight To The FedEx Cup

What’s interesting about the FedEx Cup is that it’s talked about all year and it’s one of the only tournaments where every single player in the field has to earn their spot every year. There are no lifetime exemptions, no sponsor’s spots, all it comes down to is if you’re playing in the top 125 that week. The only way to get to those coveted spots is by playing well enough throughout the entire season. What is ever better about the tournament set up is that not only to you have to fight to get into the tournament you have to fight to stay there. It’s a “survive and advance” format.

This weeks tournament marks the first FedEx Cup playoff tournament. The Barclays will be held at Plainfield Country Club this year in Edison, New Jersey. Matt Kuchar is the defending champion and yes he has another shot at keeping that title. The Final playoff is the Tour Championship which will take place September 22-25th.

As I’m sure all of your readers have heard by now there was an earthquake over there on the east coast. It happened to coincide while the Barclays was having a press conference. You can see how everyone reacted to the story on Twitter here.

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One Response to The Barclays and The Fight To The FedEx Cup

  1. Troy Vayanos says:

    Yes I like the format and the way that the Fed Ex end of season runs. It brings out the best of the best and the most consistent player will get his rewards … plus a big pay cheque.

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