The 2011 Barclays In The Path of Hurricane Irene

Plainfield Country Club from Golf Chronicles by Allan Henry

Looks like the Barclays is under attack. Hurricane Irene has quiet literally put a damper on the tournament. Shortening the hole to 54 holes instead of the usual 72. New Jersey Governor had already signed a state of emergency on Thursday for the arrival of the Hurricane which Irene has promised to cause severe flooding and damages this weekend. This is the first time The Barclays has been held at Plainfield Country Club in Edison, N.J. and i’m not sure if it will be returning there. So here is the deal players who make the cut today will tee off at 7am tomorrow to try and finish before Irene his. If players are unable to finish their 3rd round by the time Irene comes into town they will score it based on 36 hole tournament. So fingers crossed they will be able to finish tomorrow.

At the end of day one it looks like the cut will be at 4 under after Ryan Palmer birdied his last hole, only 70 players survived.

Again I have updated a live recap of Twitters response to The Barclays and Hurricane Irene here.

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One Response to The 2011 Barclays In The Path of Hurricane Irene

  1. Troy Vayanos says:

    Thankfully the guys got in 54 holes before the bad weather really came through.

    Some really good good was played.

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