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Golf For All Ages

While I was playing golf this weekend I realized one of the greatest characteristics about the game is that it brings together generations of people. Walking around the course you can sometimes even find a grandfather, father, son, team. I … Continue reading

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The US Open Already?

Yesterday’s post I thought it might be too early to start talking about the US Open but only 2 weeks away I think it’s about time to talk up that course at the Congressional and see what they will be … Continue reading

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The Players, The Hype, The Championship

As it was my first Masters this year now it falls to my first Players Championship. Of course I have seen the iconic 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass and I have undoubtedly heard that this is NOT a major. Actually … Continue reading

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A Floating Golf Course?

I apologize for doing two techy posts in a row but a floating golf course is well worth it. Reported by Wired on Tuesday the Maldives is planning to build an 18 hole floating golf course. I personally thought this was … Continue reading

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Would You Take Mobile Lessons From Tiger?

Tiger Woods is making headlines again but not for a tournament win, he came out with a new iPhone app today, which, analyzes his swing to supposedly help you with yours. It’s not clear which swing will be used as … Continue reading

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Golf Course Maintenance-Extreme Temperatures Take A Toll

Learning about the golf means learning about the golf course. Golf course maintenance is a huge part of what makes this sport so beautiful. When extreme weather conditions hit it’s up to the groundskeepers to make those do or die … Continue reading

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Ever Wish You Could Make a Shot Like This?

It has been pretty rainy here up in the Northwest the last couple of days (let’s be honest months). So I do what any golf nut in their right mind would to I have taken to YouTube to watch awesome … Continue reading

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Bunker Confidence

I was doing a little golf practice over the weekend, (and also some Wii golfing-seriously that game is addicting). I realized how terrifying bunkers are. After watching what happened to Dustin Johnson during the bunkergate fiasco they have always been … Continue reading

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Golf Is Harder Than You Think

I have played many sports but golf is seemingly becoming harder and harder. Some of the reasons for this can be found in a variety of factors. There was a great post from the waggle room that I would like … Continue reading

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Golf’s Winter Playground

Not all of us can live in California or Florida where it’s perfect golf weather all year around. Some of us have to be a little creative if we want to stay in golf shape. Practicing for the short game: … Continue reading

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