Even Golfers Have A Sense Of Humor

A few of my favorite bloggers came up with some pretty interesting stories for April Fools (sorry this blogger wasn’t as creative). Of course most were centered around the upcoming Master’s Tournament this week but it was all in good fun.

Geoff Shackelford-Masters Rescinds Invitations To Poulter, McDowell Over On-Site Tweet – I’m sure if they weren’t sorry by now they certainly were after this went around the internet today. Poking fun at Poulter’s skills and McDowell’s tweeting while driving Geoff pulled off a pretty great story.

Chicago Duffer-Green Jack Retired from Masters Tournament – As if the Green Jack didn’t have enough riding on it the Chicago Duffer Golf Blog all but made the jacket extinct in his post. He went so far as putting a Masters tiara on poor Phil.

Armchair Golf Blog- New Putting Drill Has Tiger Ready For Masters – Borrowing a clip from The Onion the Armchair Blogger showed Tiger’s new swing drills using a baby for putting practice.

GolfStinks- Golfstinks Exclusive With Charlie Sheen – Just as it sounds the guys over there had a nice set of questions about golf which Charlie answered in only a way Charlie could.

Hope you enjoyed all of these as i’m sure they enjoyed writing them. Happy April .

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